As I look through  my logs, it appears some things may not be as clear as I'd hoped. So here is a set of visual identifiers to help you navigate through the site. Don't forget to look at the FAQs page, too.

 showing items 1 though 3

In the image above (Figure 1), you'll see three numbered items.

1) this is the Title of the Show (film or TV show).
2) this is a link to the particular Show for more information. Usually, this will be a link to its entry over at IMDB (the Internet Movie Database). If there is an "official site" for the show or series in question, there will also be a link here. A caveat, however... The "official site" link should still be valid, but it can always be shut down by its owner at any time.
3) The See Also section (if present) will be links to related material on my site. This could be additional films in a franchise, like the Star Wars series of films, or something like the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


 showing items 4 through 11

In this image, Figure 2, you'll see eight numbered items.

4) This is the title of an individual item. When seen on a page with a list of other clips, clicking on this title will take you to the individual page for the clip (which will make it easier to link to the Quote in question)
5) This is the name of the film or TV show that this audio clip is from. Clicking on this "name" will take you to a page that contains all available audio clips from this TV show or film. You can also go to the Archives section and choose a letter of the alphabet to see a complete list of Shows starting with that letter.
6) This is the text of the audio clip. You may click this Quote and the audio clip will play. You can also right-click (on Windows) or command-click (on Macs) and choose to save this audio clip to your local machine. DO NOT try to link to the audio file directly on your site. It will not play for you. Instead, download it and put it on your own server. This audio clip will either be in a WAV or MP3 format. Most of the clips are still in WAV format (of varying quality) and may have MP3 compression on them. I am in the process of updating all of the files (that I can) to MP3 formats. If the clip is an MP3, you will also see a mini player you can use to play the clip.
7) This is the name of the Actor(s) speaking. Clicking on this link will take you to a page containing all audio clips where the actor is speaking. You can also go to the Archives section and choose a letter of the alphabet to see a listing of all actors whose names start with that letter. You can choose to see an alphabetical list based on either their First or Last names. If you aren't sure how to spell the actor's name, check one of these pages.
8) This is the name of the Character(s) speaking. Clicking on this link will take you to a page containg all audio clips of this character speaking. For example, if the character was James Bond, clicking on the character name link would show you all clips of James Bond regardless of which actor was playing James Bond. There is also an Archive of the Character names that you can browse through like the Shows or Actors. As some Characters are only credited with a First name, these names are only sorted by First name. That means HAL 9000 is listed under H, but that also means that Mr. Krabs would be listed under M and that Dr. Zachary Smith would be listed under D.
9) I've been running this site for over 20 years. The clips on the site can vary from being a high quality audio clip to some that are, frankly, of shitty quality. As connection speeds and expectations have changed over the years, I improved the quality of my recordings. The early clips from the late 90s and early 00s are of poorer quality because bandwidth was expensive then. IF you see this "File Updated" info on a Quote, that means I have re-recorded this clip and it is of a higher quality now.
10) If you see this mini player, that means that this audio clip is in an MP3 format. You can click the Play button and will hear the clip without being shunted over to some player on your computer/mobile device (that is controlled by your device, not my site). You can also right/command-click this player and save the clip to your local machine in addition to doing so on the text of the Quote.
11) These are what I've Tagged the Quote with. Clicking on a Tag will take you to a page that will list every Quote with this Tag. You can also go to the Tags page and see a complete list of all Tags used on the site. The Tags listed on that page will also give a count of how many clips are Tagged with a particular tag.