Donate To The Daily .WAV!

I had really not planned on re-adding this page to the site with the new "version" I released in late 2013. Why? Well, to be honest, I just wasn't really getting any donations. OK, I should clarify that statement. There was one person who was very consistent in donating, but it was kind of uncomfortable to see that she was the one. While I appreciated her help immensely, I also felt it was not really fair to her, so I just stopped taking donations. I also thought that no one was really interested in helping out.

Well, looking through the logs, I see that a number of people are looking for this page again, so we'll see what happens.

The Daily .WAV has operating costs consistant with most other high-traffic websites. The killer, of course, is bandwidth/memory fees. The entire cost comes out of my own pocket and is offset by click-throughs on advertising and donations from the public. No, this is not a site that can operate on a free or low-cost hosting plan.

Some months I break even, but most months I don't. Occasionally there are months where I might get a little more (which offsets the slow months). But no matter what the size of your donation, every bit helps and I am very grateful for your help in keeping this site alive!