New format and player

As I'm sure you've noticed, some Quotes have a little player attached to them and some don't. Well, "thanks" (he said sarcastically) to the latest Windows 10 update, I no longer have the ability to save .WAV files with MP3 compression. So, I'm going to be putting all new files on the site as MP3s. I'm also going to be going back to all the files I've updated over the past 2 years and re-doing those as MP3s as well, but that's gonna take a bit of time to convert them all. Also, some of the older files on the site, depending on what the source is, may never be updated due to me not being able to re-record them.

All current web browsers can understand HTML5's built-in audio player, but not all current browsers can play compressed .WAV files in that player. You will see that player only on files that are MP3s. You can still just click on the text of the Quote and play the audio file regardless of the file type. Of course, you can still right-click the text of a Quote and choose to download the file to your local computer.