"T" Character Archives (alphabetical by First Name)

T'Challa / Black Panther T'nuk T'Pol
T.J. Ta'Lon Taco Bell Chihuahua
Tad Venom Tadashi Hamada Taggart
Tai Lung Talk Radio Host (voice) Talking Billboard
Talking Head Woman Tallahassee Tamara Le Boinque
Tamatoa Tammy Curry Tangina Barrons
Tanner Boyle Tarzan Tatiana
Tattoo Tattoo Master Taunting French Guard
Taylor Teacher Teal'c
Technician Jerry Ted 'Theodore' Logan Ted Arroway
Ted Denslow Ted Gallagher Ted Striker
Telephone Lady Telephone Santa Telly
Tempus Tennessee Steinmetz Terry Macy, State Pageant
Terry Malloy Tess McGill Tess Weinhaus
Thaddeus Plotz Thanos The 456
The Abominable Snowman The Action Man The Alchemist
The Amazing Mumford The Anne Droid The Architect
The Bearded Lady The Big Giant Head / Stone Phillips The Blue Raja
The Book The Borg The Bowler
The Breadmaster The Broker The Builder
The Captain The Children The Collector
The Criminologist The Davina Droid The Devil
The Director The Doctor The Doctor (II)
The Duke The Emperor The Evil Midnite Bomber
The Grandfather The Grandson The Great Gonzo
The Great Leslie The Great Man The Green Hornet / Britt Reid
The Grinch The Host The Hybrid
The Invisible Boy The Joker / Jack Napier The Man From Another Place
The Martian Queen The Mastiff The Matrix
The Missing Link The Monarch The Monster
The Monster's Bride The Monster's Mate The Network
The Nurse The Observer The Octopus
The Old Man - Mr. Parker The Operator The Oracle
The Penguin The President The Prime Oracle
The Prince Regent The Rat Pack The Riddler
The Robot The Shoveller The Silver Surfer
The Sphinx The Spirit / Denny Colt The Spleen
The Steward The Swedish Chef The Tabernacle
The Terminator The Terror The Thing / Ben Grimm
The Tick The Voice The Waitress
The Wizard The Wolf The Woodsman
Thelma Bates Theo Théoden
Theodore Theodore 'Beaver' Cleaver Theodore 'Ted' Nickerson
Theodore 'Ted' Schmidt Theodore Banner Theodore Brassel
Theodore Brewster Thomas 'Tom' Sloane Thomas Gabriel
Thompson Thor Thornton Melon
Thurston Wheelis Tia Dalma Tiffany Blum-Deckler
Tiffany Case Tiger Tigger
Tim the Gate Guard Timmy Timothy O'Neill
Tin-Tin Kyrano Tiny Tim Tobias Beckett
Todd Todd Chester Todd Mallory
Toht Tom Chaney Tom Doniphon
Tom Grunick Tom Halliwell Tom Jeter
Tom Kalmaku Tom Lawrence Tom Paris
Tom Smykowski Tom the News Reporter Tom Zarek
Tommy Bailey Tommy Pickles Tommy Sears
Tommy Solomon Tony Di Marco Tony Mack
Tony P. Tony Parker Tony Stark / Iron Man
Toorop Torrance Shipman Tow Mater
Towelie Traal Tracy Ballard
Tracy Lord Tracy Rattigan Training Computer
Transvestite Travis Bickle Treebeard
Trent Lane Trevor 'Broom' Bruttenholm Trevor Slattery
Triana Orpheus Trillian Trinity
Trixie Norton TRON Trooper Jack Deth / Phil Deth
Troy Barnes Truant Officer Trudeau
Truvy Jones Tuck Tucker
Tucker's Aide Tuggle Carpenter Turbo
Turkie Tutter Tuvok
TV Announcer TV Instructor TV Repairman
TV Thompson Tweety Bird Twitchy
Ty Webb Tyler Fitzgerald