Well, that wasn't fun. With the rigors of a new job and getting used to a totally different sleeps schedule a few things slipped through the cracks... like being consistant with new Quote uploads and maybe paying a bill for some domain stuff.

As you can see, the site's back up and running today. I do hope to get new content (and a lot of content queued up for the future) so things should be running better by the end of the week.

Thanks for sticking in there!


In Memoriam, Phyllis Diller

Phyllis Diller will be sorely missed. At age 38, she made her stand-up debut at the Purple Onion in San Francisco. She was only supposed to have a two-week gig there, but was so popular that it turned into a year-and-a-half engagement.

I've put up a few quotes from Eight On A Lam up today. While not a cinematic masterpiece, it is a fairly typical sample of the 1960s screwball comedies and also starred Bob Hope and Jonathan Winters.


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