Updated Files

Hey, most of you know that I started updating some of the older files on the site last year. Over the years, I have varied the quality that I recorded and saved the files. Those really older files? Yeah, they sound... not so good compared to stuff I've been recording and posting within the past year. Also, there is sort of an "audible illusion" with the older files: they sound like the ends (and sometimes the beginning) are clipped/cut off. They're not cut off, but they do end very abruptly and there seems to be some sort of lag with various media players where the "end of file" marker is read before the file has finished playing. Basically, they all needed a little extra "padding" at the beginning and end of the files.

So, to fix the files in terms of padding and quality, I've been slowly going through various shows and re-recording all the clips. But you wouldn't really know that I've been doing this unless you stumbled upon a quote or show that has been updated. To make these updates more obvious to everyone, I've added a new page to the site that will list all of the Quotes with updated files. If you look at the menu, under Archives, you'll now see a new item: Recently Updated. Hopefully you will find the updated files to be useful.