Some changes today

Hey, everyone. As you've noticed, there's been a significant change-up to the site recently. What can I say? An update to the site's look and feel was long overdue.

Today, I've updated the "Top" items in the sidebar. They've increased from the Top 10 to the Top 25. Why? Well, honestly there wasn't much change in the content for the top 10. There's a lot of content here and am hoping the Top 25 will show a bit more diversity in terms of that content. Since the addition of almost 45 new listing in that sidebar content would leave a huge area "blank," I've increased the number of items displayed on a page from 10 to 22.

I've also limited the number of "pages" for the "front page." I was listing everything before and I really doubt anyone would scroll through over 850 pages of content in one sitting. I'm still playing with how many pages the "front" of the site will display, so the current amount of 5 pages may be changed again. Those 5 pages will span a few months.

Now that does not mean any content is being deleted, it's all there in the Archives. The Archives are pretty much as they've always been. You can view all content in many ways. You can view by the Month and Year it was put online if you're wanting a "timeline." If you want to see all there is for a particular TV Show or Movie, go to the Alphabetical section and then choose the letter it starts with (a caveat: some shows that start with the word "The" may appear under "T" for "the" or under whatever letter the second word starts with).

A new feature is that you can now see all content spoken by a particular actor. You can go to an alphabetical list of the actors sorted by either their First Name or Last Names on the Archives page. More features will be added soon!