Reminder about the Archives

I've been going through some logs lately and I've noticed a pattern of folks searching for an actor, a character, or even a show using the Search function. One of the biggest problems that I noticed is that a lot of these things being searched are not being spelled correctly. And, obviously, if the term being searched is not spelled correctly, you're going to have a hard time finding the stuff you're looking for.

So to help with that, I'd like to re-introduce everyone to the site's Archives (see the Menu). There are sections there where you can see what was posted by date, by the actor's name, the character's name, and the title of the show itself. Using these sections you don't have to search for something like "Batman". You can just go to the character archive and find the name (in the case of Batman you'd find the character "Bruce Wayne / Batman") and see everything I have for that character regardless of who the actor was and regardless of whether it was a TV show, movie, or cartoon. The same goes for actors. Go to one of the actor's pages and you'll see everything I have on the site for that actor regardless of what show he/she appeared in.

I've also seen people searching for the Tags that I have for each clip. All you have to do is to click on the tag and you'll see every clip associated with that tag. There is also a Tags page that lists every tag used on the site along with a number count of how many clips are associated with that tag.

I hope this info helps everyone find stuff on the site!