Well, that was certainly not fun. Nothing like a database that decides to get corrupt when you're trying to do some updates. As you can see, I've gotten the database fixed and decided to do some updating to the look of the site as well.

The updating of the look/feel is not totally complete, however enough is there for the site to be functional so that everyone can use it again. I will also be back-filling the missed dates throughout the week and that should start tomorrow (Monday) night.

Thanks to all of you for being patient during the past week!


Updated Files

Hey, most of you know that I started updating some of the older files on the site last year. Over the years, I have varied the quality that I recorded and saved the files. Those really older files? Yeah, they sound... not so good compared to stuff I've been recording and posting within the past year. Also, there is sort of an "audible illusion" with the older files: they sound like the ends (and sometimes the beginning) are clipped/cut off.

Updating some files...

Over the 20 years this site has been running (yes, the archives only go back to 1999, but I started the site back in 1995) I have changed the bit-rate that I record the files at many times. Comparatively, most of the really old files sound like crap compared to things that I've posted in the past year.

Reminder about the Archives

I've been going through some logs lately and I've noticed a pattern of folks searching for an actor, a character, or even a show using the Search function. One of the biggest problems that I noticed is that a lot of these things being searched are not being spelled correctly. And, obviously, if the term being searched is not spelled correctly, you're going to have a hard time finding the stuff you're looking for.


Well, that wasn't fun. With the rigors of a new job and getting used to a totally different sleeps schedule a few things slipped through the cracks... like being consistant with new Quote uploads and maybe paying a bill for some domain stuff.

As you can see, the site's back up and running today. I do hope to get new content (and a lot of content queued up for the future) so things should be running better by the end of the week.

Thanks for sticking in there!



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